UNIQUE Function Explanation

UNIQUE returns unique values from a range.

It is part of the Excel Dynamic Array Formulas. This is a group of formulas which allows the user to type a formula in a single cell, and receive a result in a whole range.

It is important to note that as of December 2019, this function is not yet available on Excel desktop, and is only available on Excel Online and for Office Insiders. But why wait when you can already practice it? 🙂




array – The range from which we want to extract the unique values.

[by_col] – Optional argument – Do we want to extract the unique values by columns or by rows? TRUE for columns, FALSE or 0 for rows. The default is by rows. We can omit this argument.

[exactly_once] – Optional argument. Do we want to return unique values that occur only once? The default is FALSE. We can omit this argument.

Practice UNIQUE function online