TOROW takes a range/array and converts it into a single row.



=TOROW(array, [ignore], [scan_by_column])

array – The range/array of cells we want to convert into a single row.

[ignore] – Optional, use this to skip certain cells when creating the new row. Here are the options for this argument:

0 – Don’t ignore anything. In such case, the newly created row will contain errors from the original array, as well as blank values (represented as 0’s)

1 – Ignore blank values

2 – Ignore errors

3 – Ignore blank values and errors

[scan_by_column] – Optional, use this to determine the order in which the array is scanned. The default is 0, which means – “scan by row”. If the value is set to 1, Excel will scan by column.

Let’s see an example for each of these arguments. First, let’s have a look at the [ignore] argument:

Cool, right?

Let’s now see the [scan_by_column] argument:

Practice TOROW

Let’s put our knowledge into practice and practice the TOROW function. Solve the following exercises!