TEXTJOIN function allows users to combine multiple cells together easily.

Unlike previous Excel functions such as CONCATENATE, which require the user to repeat the delimiter (such as space) between every cell – TEXTJOIN can combine a range of cells using a single delimiter!

Important note – TEXTJOIN function is available in Excel 2019 and in Excel 365 versions. This is one of the greatest reasons why you should upgrade your Excel version ASAP (Or just use Excel Online). This is absolutely one of the greatest new Excel functions! 🙂


=TEXTJOIN(delimiter, ignore_empty, text1, …)

delimiter – The character (or number of characters) which will separate each cell in the range specified.

ignore_empty – Should Excel ignore empty cells in the range? This can be either TRUE or FALSE

text1 – This is the range of cells to be combined. For example: A1:A5.

Please note that you can use more than one range by typing additional ranges after the comma (,) sign.

Practice TEXTJOIN function

Let’s see how TEXTJOIN function works: