SORT Function

SORT Function Explanation

Sort function allows the user to dynamically sort ranges.

It is part of the Excel Dynamic Array Formulas. This is a group of formulas which allows the user to type a formula in a single cell, and receive a result in a whole range.

It is important to note that as of December 2019, this function is available only for and Excel Online Users. enables you to practice those formulas regardless of which desktop version you have! 🙂




array – The range we want to sort

[sort_index] – The column number of the column in our range by which we would like to sort. The number of column is relative to the first column of the range. For example, if the range is B1:D4, column 1 will refer to column B. Note that this argument is optional. When left empty, the range will be sorted by the first column.

[sort_order] – How the range will be sorted. 1 for Ascending, -1 for Descending. This is an optional argument, and the default is 1 (Ascending)

[by_col] – How should the range be sorted – By row or by column. To sort by row, type 0 or FALSE. To sort by column, type 1 or TRUE. This is argument is optional, and if left empty, the default is 0 (by row).

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