MAXIFS function lets us find the maximum value in a range based on criteria.

MAXIFS allows the user to check multiple conditions in multiple ranges at once.

Please note that this function is available on Office 2019 and for Office 365 users. 


The syntax of the MAXIFS function is as follows:

=MAXIFS(max_range, criteria_range1, criteria1, [criteria_range2, criteria2], ….)

  • max_range – This is the range where we want to return the maximum value (based on criteria defined in the following part of the function)
  • criteria_range1 – This is the range in which we will check our criteria
  • criteria1 – This is the criteria to be checked.
  • [optional] criteria_range2 – This is the second range in which we will check our criteria.
  • [optional] criteria2 = This is the second criteria to be checked
  • And so on…

We can use the following operators within MAXIFS function:

> Greater than

< Less than

<= Less than or equal to

>= Great than or equal to

<> Not equal to

Don’t forget to use the quotation marks ” ” when using these operators!

Practice MAXIFS

Okay, now let’s practice the MAXIFS function!

Exercise 1 – Basic MAXIFS usage

Exercise 2 – MAXIFS with two criteria ranges