MATCH function is a function which is used when we want to find the position of a certain value within a row or a column. The position is represented as a relative number.

For example, in the array of {“A”,”B”,”C”}, the position of “B” is 2.

MATCH is usually used as part of the INDEX MATCH function combination.


=MATCH(lookup_value, lookup_array, [match_type])

lookup_value – The value that we are looking for

lookup_array – The range in which we want to find the value – Could be a row or a column (For example: A1:A7, or B3-E3)

[match_type] – The options for this argument are: -1 , 0 or 1. We will use the argument of 0 in 99% of the time as this means we want EXACT match. -1 and 1 will cause the function to look for approximate match, and can be useful when we are looking for approximate numerical match. Do not use – 1 / 1 values here unless you know what you’re doing.

Please note – although [match_type] is regarded as optional, we strongly recommend to use this argument and type 0 when MATCH is used, as the default value when this argument is left empty is 1 – which may cause your match function to work incorrectly.

Practice MATCH function

Let’s see how this function works!