The FORMULATEXT function in Excel allows us to display the formula of a cell as text. This can be useful for showing the underlying calculations of a cell or for referencing the formula in another part of the workbook. FORMULATEXT is a very useful function for Excel Teachers and financial modeling and anyone who wants to present the formulas behind a calculation. 


The syntax of the function is straightforward: =FORMULATEXT(reference) where A1 is an example of reference – the cell reference for which we’d like to display the formula as text.
Note that the “=FORMULATEXT()” function can only display the formula of a cell and cannot be used to modify or change the formula.


For example, if we have a formula in cell A1, =SUM(B2:B6), we can display the formula as text by entering “=FORMULATEXT(A1)” into another cell. This will display the text “=SUM(B2:B6)” in the cell.



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