FIND function lets us find the position of a text within another text/cell. 

Note that FIND is case-sensitive, meaning that if you try to find “GOAT” within “goat cheese”, the function will break. In case you are looking for a case-insensitive alternative, use the SEARCH function instead. 


=FIND(find_text, within_text, [start_num])

find_text – The text for which we’d like to find the position in the second text.

within_text – In which text we are looking for the “find_text”. Within_text can be either a simple text string or a reference to a cell. 

[start_num] – Optional. In case you want to start the lookup from a specific position in text, you can type the start number here. If not used, the default is starting from the beginning of the text/cell.


Practice FIND function