FILTER Function

FILTER Function Explained

FILTER returns a filtered list of values from a range that meet a certain criteria.

It is part of the Excel Dynamic Array Formulas. This is a group of formulas which allows the user to type a formula in a single cell, and receive a result in a whole range.

It is important to note that as of December 2019, this function is available only for Office 365 and Excel Online Users. enables you to practice those formulas regardless of which desktop version you have! 🙂





array – The range from which we want to extract the filtered values.

Example: A table with all the data B3:D9


include – A Boolean array i.e. – the range in which the filter criteria is applied AND the criteria itself.

Note: The Height/Width of the criteria has to be equal

Example: C3:C9=”Tech”


if empty – (Optional), the value to be returned from empty filtered results

Example: “Empty Cell”

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