Excel Online Cheat Sheet

Excel Online Cheat Sheet – A Quick Guide To Excel’s Web Version

In this post, we cover Excel Online’s main features.  Looking for excel shortcuts? See our Excel Shortcuts Page!  


 What’s Excel Online? 

Excel online or “Excel for the web”, is the web version of Microsoft Excel. With Excel-Online you can create and edit Workbooks by using your browser and share your workbook with other users. 


 How can I get Excel Online? 

 Go to http://OneDrive.live.com.

  1. Sign Up With Your Email
  2. Super cool Shortcut! after you have onedrive username – type excel.new into your browser! or…
  3. Open One Drive and press the following buttons:
    1. New >>
    2. Excel workbook 







The shortcut way (or.. type excel.new into your browser:


Congrats! You can go ahead and use Excel online. 


Does Excel Online cost money? 

Excel Online is free. Want extra storage or more features?  See OneDrive Plans: As low as $5 user/month 


How can I share my workbook with others? 

Go to the excel file and press the “share” button in the upper right range of the window. 


Now, the following  view would open up: 

You can add your teammates’ email addresses or share the workbooks link with them by pressing copy.


You can enable editing preferences by checking and unchecking the edit button. Add expiration date and password if needed.


I have an Excel Online Workbook – Can I Open Excel online on your desktop? 

By pressing the Editing/Viewing button – you will see that the lowest option is “Open in Desktop App”; it can take a few minutes – but then you will be able to edit your Excel-Online version on your desktop. 

Don’t forget to :

  1. Enable editing
  2. Save before you close the workbook!


Excel Online Workbooks, Sheets and Cells:

Excel-Practice-Online.com is the best way to learn and test your knowledge in Excel. If you are completely new to Excel – we recommend starting with our Excel Basics Tutorial.


Work With Cells, Formulas and Functions

You can enter text, or alternatively, add a formula by starting with the equals sign (=) 


Work with Excel’s Most Popular Functions and Tools!

We’ve created the table below to share with you an overview of each of the most popular functions and tools! press on the Function’s name to learn and practice them online!


Formula/Tool Details
SUM adds up all numbers in a range
COUNT/COUNTA COUNT- counts all cells with a number

COUNTA – counts all non-blank cells

IF With IF you can check a logical expression (e.g. is cell b5 greater than 10?). Decide what will be the result if the value is TRUE or FALSE
SUMIF Sum all cells that meet the criteria
COUNTIF COUNT all cells that meet the criteria
SUMIFS SUM all cells that meet more than one criteria
VLOOKUP Look up a value in one table and return a value from another table based on the return column index number.
TEXT: LEFT RIGHT MID Return only the left/right/middle characters in a string



combine more than one text item for example one cell contains YOAV another cell contains ISHAY – with the functions  we can make the  new  to YOAV ISHAY
IFERROR Check if a cell returns error. If yes – indicate the alternative result .
Remove duplicates Removes duplicate cells/rows
Text to columns Splits text into more than one column. Can be by delimiter (like , or semicolon) or fixed (the 3rd character)
Filter Tool Data>filter. Helps with filtering data from a table; can also be applied to text/numbers/colors
Pivot tables combine data by criteria
Pivot tables – filter use the filter option in a pivot to filter data and show only specific items




Having an issue with the formulas' language? check out this post