CHOOSECOLS is a function that allows you to choose and return only specific columns from a range/array. The result returns as a dynamic array.

CHOOSECOLS is a new Excel function – It’s available for Excel 365 and Excel for the Web.



=CHOOSECOLS(array, col_num1, [col_num2], …)

array – The range/array from which we want to return only a specific column (or columns).

col_num1 – The number of the first column we want to return.

[col_num2] – Optional argument – The number of the second column we want to return. This is an optional argument – Use it if you need to return more than one column from your array. Type additional column numbers separated by commas to include additional columns in the returned array.

Cool stuff to know about CHOOSECOLS:

  • You can type negative numbers in the col_num arguments, to return columns from the end of the range. For example, if we wish to return the last column of the range, we can do it by typing -1 (minus 1):

  • You can ask CHOOSECOLS to repeat a certain column more than once, by typing the column number again:


Let’s put our knowledge into practice and practice the CHOOSECOLS function!