AVERAGEIF function lets us calculate the average of a range based on certain criteria.


The syntax of the AVERAGEIF function is as follows:


  • range – This is the range in which our criteria will be checked.
  • criteria – This is the criteria we’ll check
  • [average_range] – This is the range for which we’d like to calculate the average (only for the cells that matched our criteria).


It is important to note that [Average_range] is an optional argument, meaning we can skip it in certain cases. This happens when the range argument is the same as average_range argument. For example:

In this example, the B3:B9 range is used both for checking the criteria and calculating the average.

Note that we used the “>100000” to find the cells greater than 100,000. We can use the following operators as well:

< Less than

<= Less than or equal to

>= Great than or equal to

<> Not equal to

Don’t forget to use the quotation marks ” ” when using these operators!


Okay, now let’s practice the AVERAGEIF function!