Practice Excel Exams and Tests

Here you can practice and solve Excel Exams to prepare for job interviews, improve your skills and solve real-life problems. Good luck! 🙂

Excel Exams and Tests with Answers

  1. New! – Data Analyst Practice Exam number 1 (Intermediate-Advanced)
  2. New! – Data Analyst Practice Exam number 2 – (Advanced)
  3. Excel Exam 1 – Intermediate Level (VLOOKUP, IF, LEFT and more)
  4. Excel Exam 2 – Intermediate Level (INDEX MATCH, COUNTIF, SUMIF and more)

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Self Assessment Test

  1. Excel Assessment test– Looking to evaluate your Excel skills? Check out our self-assessment tool. This is a short quiz to give you an overview of your current level and recommendations for learning materials!



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