Excel Online Financial Calculator – PV, FV, Rate and more

Excel Online Financial Calculator – PV, FV, Rate, and more

Use our free Excel Online Financial Calculator to get the most common financial formulas including PV (Present Value), FV (Future Value), pmt, Rate, Nper, IRR and NPV. Whether you want to calculate your own loan or investment, are an accounting or finance student or just curious about learning excel. Use the Excel view below and click on the specific calculation. If you’re looking for additional features – please share them with us below!

The following tabs include Excel formulas, examples and directions: 

  • PV – Present Value
  • FV – Future Value 
  • pmt – Payment Value
  • Nper – Number of Periods
  • Rate – Interest/Yield rate Rate
  • NPV – Net Present Value
  • IRR – Internal Rate of Return

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