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Tip for mobile phone users – tap twice on the cell you want to edit in order to edit it.


Excel Shortcuts for Windows – Master Excel Shortcuts to save time and increase efficiency!

Excel Shortcuts for Mac – Learn how to make the most of Excel on your Mac!

Excel Basics – Start here if you are new to Excel! Learn how Excel works, how to perform basic calculations, and how to use cell references to save time and increase efficiency!

SUM function – Sum multiple values in Excel

MAX – find the maximum value in a range

MIN – find the minimum value in a range

COUNT – Count numeric values in a range

COUNTA – Count numeric and textual values

AVERAGE – Calculate average of a range

Filtering in Excel – Learn how to filter your data using Excel’s Filter Tool

Excel Sort – Learn how to sort your data in Excel.

Flash Fill – Excel’s hidden gem for auto-completing data based on a pattern

Remove Duplicates – Remove duplicate values in a single column or multiple columns!


IF function – check if a condition is met

NESTED IF – Multiple if conditions

Conditional Formatting – Format Excel Cells based on criteria

COUNTIF – Count cells in range which meet a certain criteria

SUMIF – Sum range based on criteria

AVERAGEIF – Calculate the average of a range based on criteria

VLOOKUP – lookup value and return corresponding value from a table

Hot!!! XLOOKUP – Excel’s next generation lookup function which combines the best features from VLOOKUP, INDEX MATCH, HLOOKUP and IFERROR/IFNA

Pivot Table – Quickly Analyze and Summarize your data using Excel’s most powerful tool!

Text to Columns – Quickly split a column into multiple columns using a delimiter. Bonus – Quickly change date formats or convert text to numbers!

LEFT, MID, RIGHT – Basic Text Functions

AND/OR – Check if multiple criteria are met (Works great when combined with an IF function!)

SUMIFS – Sum cells using multiple criteria

COUNTIFS – Count cells using multiple criteria

MAXIFS – Find maximum value in a range based on criteria

MINIFS – Find minimum value in a range based on criteria

TEXTJOIN – Easily combine multiple cells using delimiter

CONCAT – Combine range of cells without delimiter

LEN – Find the length of a cell

FIND – Find the position of a text within another text (Case-sensitive)

SEARCH – Find the position of a text within another text (Case-insensitive)

TRIM – Remove extra spaces from the text

LOWER, UPPER, PROPER – Convert text to lowercase, uppercase and proper case

DAY, MONTH, YEAR – Extract day, month and year from a date in Excel

DATE – Create a date from individual values

WEEKDAY – Return the number of the day of the week

EOMONTH – Return the date of the last day of the month based on a specific date


INDEX – Retrieve cell in nth position in a range

MATCH – Find position of value in a range

INDEX MATCH – Just like VLOOKUP, only better.

SUMPRODUCT – Sum the products of Excel ranges

Excel Wildcards – Advanced searching and matching in Excel

Advanced Filter – Filter by multiple criteria in the same column, or even in different columns!

Power Query

Combine data from multiple Excel workbooks using Power Query

Column from Examples tool – Learn the secret to mastering Power Query without any prior knowledge!

Unpivot columns easily using Power Query

Secret Excel Functions

This section covers Excel functions that haven’t been released yet, and allows you to be among the luckiest people to practice these new functions before everyone else!

UNIQUE – Extract unique values from a range

SORT Function – Sort range dynamically

SORTBY – Sort range dynamically by using another range

FILTER Function – Filter range by specific criteria

RANDARRAY – Create an array of random numbers 

SEQUENCE – Create a range of sequential values

Financial Functions

Learn how to use Excel to make financial calculations!

PMT – Calculate the periodic payment amount of a loan, mortgage or another financial instruments

PPMT & IPMT – Find the Principal and Interest portion of a certain payment

Excel Macros – VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)

Start here – How to run your first VBA Macro in Excel without knowing VBA?

Practice Worksheet

Want to do some freestyle practice? Create your own Excel playground with our blank excel Worksheet!

Excel-Online Blank Worksheet

Excel practice Data